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2020 was an unprecedented year for tourism at a global level and for us it has been a challenge to keep up, however we are happy to return to the streets to share our culture, history and identity with all of you, thank you for visiting us!

IMPORTANT: Given the current low demand for tourism, we are accepting reservations maximum 1 day in advance, so click the "Book now" button and separate your spot so we schedule and confirm your guide.

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Beyond Colombia | Free Walking Tour Bogotá

This is the best introduction to Cartagena: the Walled City, a Unesco World Heritage site and a fairy-tale city of romance, legends and beauty within old colonial stone wall. Join us for a fun-filled walk to understand and to learn about the origins of the so-called "crown jewel of the coast", the caribbean storehouse for all the gold and other resources the conquerors stole from the continent. On our walking tour, you'll relive the battles and victories of the Europeans, the empowerment and influence of Afro cultures, explore the narrow colorful colonial streets, see the contrast of antique-modern areas, and so much more! From its history, to its food and nightlife, to its beaches, Cartagena’s got it all.

Tour details

Icon location b Meeting Point: At the big statue of Camellón de los Mártires Square (White Umbrellas)
Icon calendar b Schedule: Everyday at 10am and 4pm
Icon time b Duration: 2 hours
Icon language b Language: English (10am and 4pm) and Español (10am and 4pm).
Icon cost b Cost: Based on donations.

Tour Highlights

  • San Pedro Claver Square
  • Clock Tower
  • Heredia Theater
  • Inquisition Palace
  • Cathedral of Alexandria
  • Simón Bolivar Park
  • Aduana and Coches Squares
  • And much more!


Beyond Colombia | Free Walking Tour Getsemani Cartagena

Discover the untold history of the famous Getsemani neighborhood! Walk the most emblematic streets and its representative squares of a historically resistant town, its folklore, its colors, its music and its people. Get closer to the "getsemanisence" culture through this journey where you will understand the importance of a segregated and insurgent people during the colony whose fighting spirit initiated the Colombian independence and over time spawned artistic movements in film, painting, sculpture, dance and, of course, the music. Today you will find a tourist district with original inhabitants inheritors of a rich culture that at first sight hides stories and legends of revolution, pride and tradition. Join this journey through time, culture and art discovering the other side of Cartagena de Indias - La Heroica!

Tour details

Icon location b Meeting Point: At the big statue of Camellón de los Mártires Square (White Umbrellas)
Icon calendar b Schedule: Everyday at 10am (English & Español)
Icon time b Duration: 2.5 hours
Icon language b Language: English & Español (10am)
Icon cost b Cost: Based on donations

Tour Highlights

  • Centenario Park
  • Trinidad Artistic Square
  • Afro Uprising
  • Cultural Street Art
  • Old Public Market
  • Plaza "El Pozo"
  • San Felipe Fortress Viewpoint
  • And so much more!

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