Fellow Travelers! For more than 1 year we have been preparing to get back with the schedules we had before the pandemic, and with great joy we want to share that we are ready!

Find below in the Tour Details section of each Free Tour, the new schedules, languages and days in which you can reserve your space in our Free Tours!



Beyond Colombia | Free Walking Tour Bogotá

Join the first Free Tour in El Poblado! A guided tour without taboos! Learn why this neighborhood became one of the most exclusive and sought in the city after being the first colonial settlement in Medellín and the stories that its streets and corners tell us highlighting “Calle 10”, a street always alive and decorated with great murals (street art), surrounded by unique gastronomy and legendary bars with pioneering sounds in the city. This tour will take you to recognize "El Poblado" from a real, sincere and surprising perspective among all its cultural details and natural areas such as "La Presidenta" and "La Bailarina", its parties and the famous "Parque Lleras". El Poblado is much more than this, it is "the new center of Medellín" that stands out for attracting innovation, design, art and international haute cuisine. Discover from the hand of our local guides the cultural and nocturnal side of one of the most famous neighborhoods in Colombia! And why not, learn to dance a little reggaeton or salsa with a free shot!

Tour details

Icon location b Meeting Point: In El Poblado Park, next to the Police station (Red Umbrellas map)
Icon calendar b Schedule: Monday to Saturday at 4pm
Icon time b Duration: 2.5 hours
Icon language b Language: English & Español
Icon cost b Cost: Tip Based!

Tour Highlights

  • Origin of " El Poblado "
  • Iconic local bars
  • "La Presidenta" Park
  • Big Format Murals of "La 10"
  • History of Lleras Park
  • Night Culture of "Medallo"
  • Innovation in Textiles and Fashion
  • Consequences of Drug Trafficking
  • And much more!


Beyond Colombia | Free Walking Tour Bogotá

Get to know one of the most important and relevant cultures in the history of our country: the paisas! And the Historic Center of Medellín is the best living example we have to show what we were and who we are. We will immerse ourselves among its streets and its people to understand the history, development, conflict and the social commitment of an inclusive and innovative Medellin! From the hand of local "Paisas" guides you will understand how we reverted our dark and violent past, product of the drug trafficking of the 80's and 90's, into a bright future that made us stronger thanks to the collective resilient effort and social investment that today allows us to walk, visit and live in the city of "Eternal Spring". In this guided tour we will visit the unmissable places of the city such as the "Plaza de Botero" and "La Libertad", "Parque de las Luces" and "Los Pies Descalzos"; we will move between passages, we will cross the famous Junin street and we will discover the essence of the center of Medellín. Do not miss our unique and original tour where we continue to write history together!

Tour details

Icon location b Meeting Point: In front of Museo de Antioquia at Botero Plaza (Red Umbrellas map)
Icon calendar b Schedule: Monday to Saturday 9:30 am
Icon time b Duration: 3 hours
Icon language b Language: English & Español
Icon cost b Cost: Tip Based!

Tour Highlights

  • Art in Botero's Square
  • Paisa Industry and Culture
  • 80’s & 90’s in Medellín
  • "El río" & "Pies Descalzos" Parks
  • The Railroad and La Alpujarra
  • "Voices of the city"
  • Park of Lights
  • "El Hueco"
  • And much more!


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