Dive into the best food market of Cali!

Valle del Cauca’s food diversity is well appreciated in the country by its unique tastes like Tamal Valluno, Pandebono, Viche, Manjar and exotic fruit juices (like Borojó)!

Tour Description

Starting at Alameda Park we'll walk towards Alameda Market crossing the neigborhood in order to try local home made food like Champús and Cucas done by “caleñas”. This is the best start so you understand how important our identity is through our gastronomy.

Among afro preparations and european flavors, get a glimpse into the local culture and way of life. The market is home to hundreds of vendors selling everything from fresh produce to clothing, handicrafts, and household items. 

Taste traditional food from the pacific and toast with Viche, our amazing alcoholic beverage! This experience brings you closer to the flavors, colors, textures and regional gastronomic preparations, which are loaded with symbols and meanings, as they reveal social relations, popular imaginaries and the use of the environment.

Beyond Colombia | Tour: Free Alameda Market Food Tour
Beyond Colombia | Tour: Free Alameda Market Food Tour

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Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Alameda Market Food Tour

Meeting Point

Find us right at the Alameda Park with our red umbrellas!

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Alameda Market Food Tour

Finish Point

Viche Positivo

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Alameda Market Food Tour

Schedule: From Tuesday to Saturday at 10:30

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Alameda Market Food Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Alameda Market Food Tour

Language: English & Spanish

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Alameda Market Food Tour

Cost: Based on tips

  • History and origins of our regional gastronomy

  • Cultural influences from local races

  • Unique and useful food preparations

  • Ancestral ingredients and traditional techniques of the region.

  • The food market as a core of economic survival

  • Biological, geographical and cultural diversity of Valle del Cauca

  • Sweet, salty, oily, spicy and vigorous food

  • And much more!

  • An open mind to taste new flavors, and unprecedented combinations. 

  • Umbrellas or capes. Please bring your favorite rainproof coat or umbrella, we can’t control the weather yet.

  • Comfortable shoes. You’ll walk about 8 km while also making some stops to eat the best meals.

  • Comfortable clothes. No pressure to look amazing, feel free to wear what makes you feel better.

  • Keep your friends close, and your belongings even closer. We’ll visit some crowded areas, so don’t give papaya!

  • English-speaking tour guide

  • Accurate knowledge of local Colombian gastronomy. 

  • Visits to authentic places to eat inside the market.

  • Recommendations of local stores where you can have lunch, buy coffee, souvenirs, and more.

  • Benefits and discounts with our recommended partners if you show our Free Walking Tour Map in our Linktree: https://linktr.ee/bccali

  • Drinks, food or souvenirs.

  • Transportation to and from your hotel. 

  • Transportation on the tour. We’ll be walking and taking resting stops.

  • Tickets or entrances. We won’t take you to places where sudden extra charges apply!

  • Exclusive tour guide. Remember this is a shared tour, we’re sure you’ll meet new amazing people.

Private Tour

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Alameda Market Food Tour Free Tours

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